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My Mini Casa shared the stage with Amazon, IBM, Cisco and other top companies to receive a World Pillar Award!

World Pillar Award ~ My Mini Casa 

My Mini Casa -  A Human 2 Human Company.

When you have everything you could ever want and more, what would you do for your 35th Birthday?

Maybe go help a community struck by a hurricane get back on their feet and invite all your coolest agents to join you.

The agents are the magic and they all participate in making the communities and the dreams the real thing. Here is one of our very own 8 months ago showing us how she does it. 

Iwalani, loves crafts and spending time with her kids and husband. She visited our corporate office last year and told us she never would have imagined that containers would do  so much for her and her family.                                             

Hurricane Michael (Panama City, FL)

Why take on a project, such as children’s cancers?Product exposure, company exposure, and human exposure! We have a vision for the industry.  This year we have nominated over 93 innovative and smart companies for significant awards and prizes; for example,a $200K prize called Ivory InnovationsGreen Builder Award, and the Affordable Housing Vanguard Award. 

My Mini Casa (MMC) is also well connected on the production side of the business with appearances on several shows.  Not just our containers, but our agents were asked to be in them too! Stackwallin (Producer Jeff Karinja).Due to our Humanitarian side of the industry, we have a long list of movie television stars and athletes we work with. It is our goal to continue to bring influencers, builders, architects, city officials, foreign governments, engineers, designers, realtors, developers, investors, and our amazing industry visionaries together to solve big ideas!

In the event you need help with marketing we can provide that for you. We work with people of all skill levels with one common goal, to help make the world a better place for everyone in it!

Birthday Video

MMC has trained more amazing container sales agents in the world than any other company. We will even train your sells staff at your company how to sell or rent containers as an added revenue stream.